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A yoga studio, just for you!

May 16, 2022

Yoga is increasing dramatically in popularity as, regardless of gender, it offers modern users many potential wellness benefits, including stress and anxiety reduction, management of some chronic conditions plus Improved fitness, balance, flexibility, range of motion and strength.

Anybody can benefit from yoga as, through poses and meditation, yoga helps you focus on your body, breathing and relaxing. So, you can tune out the demands of our busy world, and find balance.

Taking classes at a local studio often feels easier, but practicing at home is more efficient and effective. Research has shown that a home practice cultivates greater health and wellness. It also saves money, boosts self-awareness, strengthens discipline, and promotes self-discovery.

Research has also suggested that the frequency and duration of home practice may be the key to reaping the most health benefits from your yoga practice. Home practice was found to be an important predictor of many aspects of health while class attendance was not. Improvements included mindfulness, subjective well-being and reductions in sleep disturbance, BMI, and fatigue. Those most likely to practice yoga at home were also more likely to practice a broader array of yogic practices and potentially glean a more comprehensive span of benefits.

So, why have a dedicated yoga studio at home?
An EnviroEcoWall garden room is perfect for your relaxing haven away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The insulation helps to create a warm, inviting environment whatever the weather and the flexibility in design means it can be created to satisfy your own specific needs.

Create your own sacred space
For many people, the most important part of developing a home practice is to start by creating a safe and sacred practice space. Children, technology or other distractions can all crave your attention, so your new garden room will help you separate yourself and enable you to more easily tune into the more peaceful, introspective world – at least for a little while!.

Have more time
One of the biggest benefits is freeing up more time in your hectic schedule. Not only are you saving time driving to and from an exercise class, but you are not having to check in, wait for an instructor or gather your equipment.

Save money
Yoga classes can be expensive and, even if you purchase your own optional props like yoga blocks, straps or bolsters, you will still be saving a lot of money each month.

Deepen your self-awareness
Some may think that having a yoga instructor present helps make the practice more effective; yet the opposite can often be true. Having an instructor present can distract students and interfere with their ability to focus on their own body. Yoga creates self-awareness through the physical practice – you cannot gain this awareness by paying attention to someone else.

Boost your discipline and confidence
Each time you carve out the time from your busy life and complete a home routine you build discipline and commitment to your self-improvement. Yogic willpower, is strengthened each time you do something that is challenging or difficult. The discipline, confidence and inner strength you cultivate in your new studio directly translates to your overall life.

Move at your own pace
In studio classes you are expected to follow along with the yoga teacher. At home you don’t have to wait out the boring parts or feel rushed through the juicy poses. Practicing at your breath’s own pace and rhythm is often more therapeutic, calming and healing.

What should you consider in your design?
For some, having a dedicated space means more dedication to yoga and self-care overall. In today’s fast-paced world there is always a need to create a sanctuary space in the home.

In addition to the size, shape and physical appearance of the building, lighting is an important component of any space, but especially one dedicated to wellness. Soft wall sconces that direct light upwards installed with a dimmer are a good choice, whilst recessed lights and any downward directed lighting may be a disturbance to the eye in reclined poses. Natural light from a window or glass door can also be beneficial, as long as there are privacy options.

Sometimes these spaces are multi-functional and not a dedicated just to yoga – it is often that the yoga area is incorporated into a meditation room, a games room or maybe a dedicated exercise room. These decisions are driven by the space available and your own priorities.

Whatever use(s) you have in mind for your new garden room, remember that, while the rest of your home might be full of decoration, furniture and technology, a yoga room benefits from minimalism. Yoga is meditative in nature. You want to walk into a room with simplicity to allow for the mind to relax and let go of the worries of the day. Keep it simple!

Get in touch to discuss what you need; we’ll make your building just the way you want it.