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Do you need more space at home?

June 23, 2022

There are many advantages of choosing an Eco Garden Building when you’re looking for ways to add space to your home.  It’s much quicker and more economical that moving house or building an extension but there’s more to it than that.


Over the years, most of us seem to accumulate more than our fair share of “stuff”.  It might be those much-loved clothes that WILL fit us again one day, the primary school paintings that were proudly presented to you or maybe a collection of odd bits and pieces that you’re keeping “in case they come in useful”, but it all takes up valuable space.  And this is where an Eco Garden Building can be the perfect solution to safely keep your treasures with the added bonus of freeing up room in your home.


EnviroEcoWall panels are fabricated using timber from sustainable sources. They use less timber than standard timber framing and are one of the most economical and eco-friendly forms of construction. Their high insulation and airtightness reduce the major sources of building energy use.


One of the main advantages of an Eco Garden Room is the versatility.  There are so many ways to use an Eco Garden Room and here’s just a few of the most popular reasons people choose one as a solution to enrich their home life.

Fully insulated garden office – Being surrounded by nature is actually proven to improve concentration, lessen fatigue and increase productivity, as well as improving overall health and wellbeing. And now, increasing numbers of people are finding that a garden office can help to eliminate the costly and tiring commute whilst still keeping your work life separate from your home life.

Rest & relaxation – Our Eco Garden Rooms offer you a room with a view and they make a perfect place to practice yoga, lay back with a good book, or just relax and enjoy your surroundings. No matter what calming activity you have in mind, rest assured your Eco Garden Room will provide the perfect venue for your essential peace and quiet.

Home gym – Regular exercise is vital in the fight to achieve a good balance of optimal physical fitness and mental wellbeing. Eco Garden rooms make wonderful gym spaces and exercising at home means you can wave goodbye to paying the monthly gym fee.

Entertaining – Our garden buildings make great entertaining spaces for you, your family and your guests.   Whether you need a games room, garden bar or home cinema, an Eco Garden Room allows you to indulge in enjoyable socialising and relaxed al fresco evenings.

Studio/Hobby room – Whether your creative activity is professional or pastime, an Eco Garden Room gives you a designated space to let your creative juices flow.  Music performance or recording, sewing, knitting, painting or potting, whatever your art, you can enjoy it without having to think about unpacking and packing away every time.

Playroom – Children of all ages love dens, so why not create the ultimate kids’ playroom? Letting the outside in, a garden playroom helps to keep the main home neat, tidy, and peaceful. Alternatively, a man cave for the older girls/boys and their toys can be seamlessly accommodated in a garden room

So whether you’re looking to expand space for your growing hobby, or you simply want a space to retreat to in the evenings after a long day at work, a garden room can cater for all needs.  As time goes by and your needs may change but your Eco Garden Room can change as well.