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Enviro Wall insulation improvements to make your home warmer & to reduce fuel bills.

Refurbishments to provide property upgrades that transform outdated houses into warm, energy efficient and attractive eco-homes.

Cut heat loss, reduce fuel bills

In these days of climate change and high energy costs, much emphasis is rightly placed on the need for new build projects to be as eco-friendly as possible but there is also a great need to significantly update the green credentials of existing, outdated housing stock. Insulation, draft exclusion and air permeability can all be improved to provide a more pleasant, energy efficient home with lower fuel bills.

The Enviro Eco Walls initial assessment includes a range of tests to establish what remedial actions may be needed. In addition to wall and loft insulation, this might include lining timber floors, sealing floor to wall perimeter joins and ensuring sufficient flow of good quality air inside the building.

A property upgraded with the EnviroEcoXT system

External wall insulation

A large percentage of heat lost from poorly insulated buildings escapes through the walls. External wall insulation significantly reduces this heat loss, improving energy efficiency as well as cutting emissions and reducing fuel costs. External Wall Insulation systems also protect the building structure, prevent deterioration, and overcome thermal bridging and condensation problems.

By slowing the movement of heat out through the walls, thereby dramatically reducing heating demand, the system upgrades the thermal performance and external appearance of existing properties, transforming them into warm, energy efficient and attractive buildings.

External wall insulation, rather than internal, may be particularly suitable if you want to avoid any loss of space or the disruption of work going on inside your house, or if you are doing other work to the exterior of your property.

Enviro Eco Wall Insulation - insulate an older property

EnviroSlab High Density Insulation

Enviroslab Mineral Wool is non-hygroscopic and is carefully treated to ensure maximum water repellance. Additionally, it is odourless, rot-proof, does not sustain vermin and will prevent the growth of fungi, mould or bacteria. Using a breathable mineral wool solution allows moisture vapour to pass through the construction to the outside, removing the risk of condensation. 

Our Mineral Wool insulation is non-combustible. In the event of a fire, the Mineral Wool will emit negligible quantities of smoke and fumes and insignificant heat. 

EnviroEcoWall XT insulation

Internal Air Quality

When adding insulation and reducing air permeability, it is vital to ensure that there are correct levels of ventilation in each room as the installed insulation will make the building much more airtight. The more you insulate, the more it becomes important to ensure correct ventilation levels to keep the indoor air quality good. Therefore, as an integral part of our installations, we ensure there is adequate flow of air, adding new vents wherever necessary whilst also remediating potential causes for draughts and other factors that can affect the overall comfort levels inside the house.

Enviro Eco Wall Insulation - Finishing touches

The What and Why of EnviroEcoXT

  • External wall insulation – A fantastic energy efficiency measure to help reduce carbon and keep heating bills in check.
  • Significantly improve insulation for heat loss and sound transmission.
  • Saves energy.
  • Cut the cost of heating
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Overcome the risk of condensation and mould growth
  • Improve your EPC rating

From a functional point of view, external insulation can achieve higher levels of insulation with little risk of moisture problems either internally or within the wall structure. It also maintains the thermal mass of the building by keeping the masonry within the insulation envelope. This means that, when the interior of the building is heated, the large thermal mass of the masonry walls slowly heats up. Then, after the heating turns off, the walls slowly give out that stored heat and because there is insulation on the outside of the wall, the majority of the heat is redirected back into the house. 

External wall insulation can be used to renovate façades and modernise the exterior of buildings. It can also be used to allow the proper functioning of cavity wall insulation by preventing weather penetration and moving the condensation dew point out beyond the cavity, ensuring the cavity insulation stays dry and functions as it should. 

EnviroEcoWall Panels decorative exterior wall cladding examples

Want to know more?

Our products and services are tailored to the specific needs of each individual project. If you would like to find out more about how EnviroEcoXT can help to upgrade your property and save money on fuel bills, please complete the contact form or give us a call – we’re here to help!

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