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Insulated building panels

EnviroEcoWall presents a revolutionary pre-engineered, insulated, load-bearing panel system, meticulously designed to create a fireproof building envelope. Unlike traditional construction methods, it seamlessly integrates structure, insulation, air, and vapor barriers into a single prefabricated component, vastly streamlining the building process.

Fire-resistant building system

Why use EnviroEcoWall Insulated Building Panels?

EnviroEcoWallPanels Fire Test Building

Exceptional Fireproof Insulation

At the heart of each EnviroEcoWall panel lies a non-combustible insulation slab, offering remarkable durability and stability. The tightly woven fibres not only provide excellent fire protection but also contribute to outstanding acoustic properties and thermal performance.

These panels seamlessly slot together and are secured with reliable mechanical fixings, ensuring a robust and secure structure.

Enviro Eco Wall Panels - insulation panels

Unparalleled Fire Resistance and Performance

Every aspect of the EnviroEcoWall panels, including timber framing, OSB, and plasterboard, is treated with two coats of intumescent paint, rendering them completely fire resistant. Rigorously tested in load-bearing fire tests for up to 99 minutes, these panels exceed standard fire resistance requirements.

EnviroEcoWall panels have undergone extensive testing to evaluate their exceptional performance in insulating against heat and sound transmission. Their large format nature and minimal joints effectively eliminate air leakage associated with traditional construction and timber frames, significantly reducing the need for mechanical heating or cooling measures.

The Eco House is constructed on a purpose-built steel sub-frame, providing robust protection for the superstructure and building contents against damage caused by flooding. Moreover, the sub-frame’s adjustable height enables the permanent increase of ground clearance for the entire building, even after construction, offering unparalleled adaptability and resilience in the face of severe weather conditions.

EnviroEcoWall Panel house - Showing the exterior of the fire test building during the fire test

Cost Effective

Using our EnviroEcoWall panel system is more cost effective than traditional building methods. Whilst some of the materials may initially be more expensive, the speed of construction combined with the drastic reduction of on-site waste make it more cost effective overall. In addition, the finished build offers the added benefit of improved thermal efficiency therefore saving money on heating bills in the long-term.

In summary, EnviroEcoWall offers a comprehensive solution, seamlessly integrating fireproof insulation, exceptional performance in heat and sound insulation, and robust flood protection, setting a new standard for building envelope systems.

Enviro Eco Wall Panels Bungalow

How Does It Work?

Benefits of an EnviroEcoWall House

  • Speed of construction

    Strict quality control during our off-site fabrication process ensures dimensional accuracy, helps reduce build time and minimises waste on site. A weatherproof building shell can be complete just a few days after the groundworks are ready to receive the panels.

  • More internal space

    Slim profile walls that incorporate insulation mean more floor space for the same external dimensions when compared to conventional timber frame or masonry construction. Envirowall panel roofs do not require support trusses, leaving clear, warm, habitable roof spaces.

  • Thermal efficiency

    EnviroEcoWall panel’s insulation exceeds the current Building Regulation requirements on its own. The insulated core combined with minimal panel joints help to create air-tight, highly energy-efficient buildings, reducing the need for heating which can mean lower energy bills.

  • Fire safety

    Fireproof, self-extinguishing EnviroEcoWall panels protect life and property.

  • Strength

    Self-supporting mean that, in many cases, they will not need additional physical support.

  • Eco-friendly

    EnviroEcoWall panels are fabricated using timber from sustainable sources. They use less timber than standard timber framing and are one of the most economical and eco-friendly forms of construction. Their high insulation and airtightness reduce the major sources of building energy use.

External Cladding

There is a huge variety of finishes available as any type of cladding can be used for the external finish.

EnviroEcoWall Panels decorative exterior wall cladding examples


Our EcoHouse is constructed on a purpose-built steel sub frame that helps to protect the superstructure and building contents from damage caused by flooding. The sub frame is wrapped with fire resistant material for additional protection and can be built at a height to suit site conditions. Should prevailing weather conditions become more severe over a period of time, the height of the sub frame can be increased to permanently expand ground clearance of the entire building, even after construction!

EnviroEcoWall panels are completely fire resistant, tested to over 3 hours with a load of 3,900kg. Our development testing showed that, should a fire occur in one room, the amazing fire-resistant properties of the EnviroEcoWall panel system are able to contain the fire, stopping the spread to other rooms and eventually forcing the fire to extinguish itself. Thanks to this successful fire limitation and the absence of water damage that would have normally been caused by firefighting measures, repair and renovation is quick, easy and, therefore, much more economical.

EnviroEcoWall homes can be built much faster than traditionally framed buildings. A properly trained installation crew can cut framing time by 55 percent compared to conventional wood framing. Thanks to the size of the panels, entire wall and roof sections can be put up quickly, reducing dry-in time. The panels are ready to install when they arrive at the site, eliminating the time needed to perform the individual jobsite operations of framing, insulating and sheathing stick framed walls.

Our panels are one of the most environmentally responsible building systems available. A SIP building envelope provides continuous insulation, is extremely airtight, allows for better control over indoor air quality, reduces construction waste, and helps save natural resources. Life cycle analysis has shown that SIP homes have a tremendous positive environmental impact by reducing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions throughout the home’s life cycle. SIP designs can save 45% more CO2 with a 5.1 year energy payback and a 3.8 year greenhouse gas payback compared to stick framing examples.

Want to know more?

Our products and services are tailored to the specific needs of each individual project. If you would like to find out more about how EnviroEcoWall can help with your new build ideas, please complete the contact form or give us a call – we’re here to help!

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