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Innovative Construction Products with Built-In Fire Protection

As a British company, Enviro Eco Wall Panels Ltd takes pride in its high quality of workmanship and design and is committed to providing innovative and robust products, as well as delivering excellent customer service and satisfaction.

We make everything from high-quality insulated and fire-protected building panel systems for new-build projects, and pre-fabricated buildings for use as a garden office or garden room for leisure,  right through to upgrading the thermal efficiency of older existing homes to eco-house standards.

Enviro Eco Wall Panels Ltd offers truly innovative solutions for environmentally-friendly buildings.

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An EnviroEcoWall fireproof, flood-resistant house

Enviro Eco Wall Panels and Buildings

This is our unique pre-engineered, insulated, load-bearing panel system designed to form a fire-protected building envelope.

External insulation being installed


Eco XT

This is a range of property upgrades and refurbishments designed to transform outdated houses into warm, energy-efficient, and attractive eco-homes.

Enviro Eco Garden Office - The Lodge

Endless selection of designs available

Eco Garden Offices and Leisure Rooms

This is our range of fire-protected buildings – a unique and cost-effective way to gain extra space. They are suitable for a wide variety of uses such as business offices or garden rooms for hobbies, fitness, or other leisure pursuits.

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Our products and services are tailored to the specific needs of each individual project. If you would like to find out more about how Enviro Eco Wall Panels can help with your new build ideas, please complete the contact form or give us a call – we’re here to help!