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A Garden Room for all seasons

May 3, 2022
Bespoke designs to make the space perfect for you

From a light and airy garden office, a home gym, hobby room or just a relaxing garden retreat away from the house, EnviroEcoWall garden buildings are a unique and cost-effective way to gain extra space that can be used all year round.

Built at our factory in Kent, our garden buildings are made using pre-engineered structural insulated panels that have a fireproof coating. The design of the panel system not only means you can use your new space whatever the weather, but also that the construction process is extremely fast. The insulated floor panels are supported by a steel subframe, the height of which can be tailored to your individual requirements which is especially useful for slightly uneven sites. This system also does away with the need to lay a concrete slab and, being off the ground, the building is much less likely to be affected by damp or flooding.

Garden Office

Your new EnviroEcoWall garden office can be as unique as you and your professional needs.  Our bespoke service lets you enjoy limitless possibilities when it comes to size and shape plus an enormous choice of internal and external finishes.  So, no matter what your profession, taste and style, we can create your perfect work space just for you.

Fitness & Wellbeing

Home gyms and spaces for other wellbeing activities are becoming increasingly popular as alternatives for people who are seeking a more personalised atmosphere for their home gym, yoga studio or meditation hub.

Having your own garden gym gives you the flexibility to work out conveniently, at whatever time suits you and you won’t have to wait for people on equipment or endure overcrowded classes ever again.


Thanks to the high level of insulation, our garden rooms are ideal for year-round use & provide a designated environment for people with creative careers or pastimes. Whether you need an art studio, music room, writing study or space for a creative hobby, thanks to our design flexibility, the possibilities are endless.

Entertaining & Socialising

Whether you want to create your own garden “micro-pub”, have a cinema or gaming room or a space to relax and chat with family and friends, we can help you create your own unique entertainment space.