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How we build with Enviro Eco Wall SIPs

October 13, 2023

We start with a rigid steel base, elevated from the ground

The first step to a long-lasting building is its foundations. Our buildings have a steel framework fixed into solid concrete sunk into the ground. This gives us two advantages:

(1) the building is slightly above ground level, to avoid problems from excess surface water such as heavy rainfall

(2) there is scope for the building to be pneumatically elevated by us when necessary, to keep it above new water levels.

Next, a flat platform in sections (covered in waterproof material) is firmly attached to the steel framework to form the “ground” floor on which we continue to build the walls.

We then anchor the building panels (SIPs) to the base

Walls are then securely attached to the base. These are formed from the innovative Enviro Eco Wall building panels (SIPs) which are insulated and have integral fire protection.

Soon, all the external walls are in place

Then we add any further internal walls and partitions, using the Enviro Eco Wall SIPs. All walls are securely interlocked. Panels can have internal conduits for services such as electricity and plumbing, thus making the provision of services quick and easy.

The roof over your head can be flat or pitched

Whether you prefer a flat or pitched roof, we can provide either option as required. Roof covering can use either a specialised rubber sheet system with a lifespan of up to 30 years, or it can be conventional tiles for greater durability.

Natural materials and energy-saving insulation as standard

Our timber-panelled buildings make good use of naturally-occurring materials which have an intrinsic insulating quality. They can be cool in summer and warm in winter, saving the occupants’ energy use and keeping ongoing costs to a minimum.

You need Enviro Eco Wall Panels in your construction

Contact us now to find out how we can help you with your requirements. We can design a suitable building for your needs and have it constructed rapidly and to a high-quality standard. Remember, Enviro Eco Wall Panels (SIPs) are versatile, insulated, and offer fire protection as standard. That’s the Enviro Eco Wall advantage.