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EnviroEcoWall Panels achieve KIWA certification

May 22, 2024

EnviroEcoWall is excited to announce that its fire-resistant insulated panels have earned the prestigious KIWA certification, a testament to their commitment to delivering high-quality, safe, and innovative building solutions.

Benefits of EnviroEcoWall’s Fire-Resistant Insulated Panels

EnviroEcoWall’s fire-resistant insulated panels offer a multitude of advantages for both residential and commercial construction projects. These panels are specifically engineered to withstand high temperatures and provide an additional layer of protection in the event of a fire. Key benefits of EnviroEcoWall’s fire-resistant panels include:

  • Enhanced Safety: Engineered to meet the highest safety standards, these panels provide occupants with crucial extra time to evacuate a building in the event of a fire.
  • Energy Efficiency: Apart from their fire-resistant properties, EnviroEcoWall’s panels are highly energy-efficient, contributing to reduced heating and cooling costs for building owners.
  • Durability: Built to last, these panels offer long-term durability and resilience, making them an excellent choice for both new construction and retrofit projects.
  • Sustainable Design: Committed to sustainability, EnviroEcoWall manufactures the fire-resistant insulated panels using environmentally friendly materials, contributing to a greener built environment.

Derek Ward, MD of EnviroEcoWall, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We are thrilled to receive the KIWA certification for our fire-resistant insulated panels. This certification underscores our dedication to providing our customers with advanced building solutions that prioritize safety, sustainability, and performance.”

EnviroEcoWall’s fire-resistant insulated panels are ideal for a wide range of applications, including exterior walls, roofs, and partitions, offering architects, builders, and developers a versatile and reliable construction solution.

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